Polo shirt printing

Polo shirt printing

Create a professional appearance and unity with printed polo t-shirts.

Looking for something a little different?

Looking for something a little different?

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Why company polo shirts are right for you!

Visually emphasising unity to potential customers is a crucial step for any business. Whether a large corporate firm or small company – presentation is essential to make communication and correspondence a breeze. With polo printing, it’s about creating comfortable attire that’s also appropriate for the workplace, when businesses want to exude professionalism to convince possible clients that they’re a reliable choice. The way employees dress can encourage this by showing clothing cohesion to clients and customers. How others view those from your business can be a deciding factor, so printed polo shirts provide a high quality solution that won’t cost a fortune.

Where can you wear printed polo shirts?

When it comes to printed polo shirts, it’s important to consider the context where you plan to wear them. This can vary depending on the services you offer however you can use logo polo shirts for their visual appeal or promotional benefits. Here are four appropriate places to wear them:

- The Workplace: If you work in an office, work polo shirts printed with your company logo are good alternatives to formal attire. Though smart clothes may be the norm, a custom polo strikes the balance between professional style and comfort. This is because they combine the T-shirt’s casualness with the classiness of a dress shirt; this makes them appropriate workwear for an office job. Style them with some formal trousers, a skirt , with dress shoes or heels and you’re good to go!

What if you don’t work in an office? Are logo polo shirts still suitable? Definitely! Maybe you work in a shop, pub, restaurant, or wedding / event catering services for example; you can print business polo shirts for work uniforms and special holidays like Valentine’s Day, Halloween, Easter or Christmas. This way when employees are at or travelling to work, they’ll feel comfortable wearing a polo, but also advertising the company’s logo as well.

- Networking Events: At events like trade shows or conferences, sometimes a suit can be a bit heavy for a crowded indoor setting. When you’ve got about 30 seconds to make an impression, you want to avoid a sweaty appearance. The breathable cotton fabric of corporate polo shirts mean you’ll look relaxed, professional, and prepared to make the most of events. Polos will help you feel at ease, making it easier to network with your business cards and strike up new partnerships.

- Sports Clubs & Schools: Whether you want clothing to show support for your favourite teams or something for the players, monogrammed polo shirts are a classic well known to tennis, rugby, and hockey athletes. Students and teachers can use them too for a sport’s day or school uniforms.

If you’re looking for affordable products to advertise your brand, wearing a colourful polo fit to your company’s colours are something you can tailor to formal settings or casual spaces. ### How to order the right work polo shirts?

Ordering promotional polo shirts isn’t tricky, in fact you can have them quickly organised and sent to your address in the UK with the assistance of an online printer. Generally you will need to upload a graphic vector file of your logo beforehand; this will ensure your logo doesn’t look shabby or pixelated on your bespoke polos. You can use two printing techniques for polos you order i.e. full colour screen printing or embroidery with up to 4 colours. Both are great options but there are some differences. For example, digital embroidery feels more premium and will last longer. However, it’ll cost a tad more than screen printing. To decide which is better for you, you could order samples of either screen printed and embroidered polo shirts with your logo or slogan to decide which you prefer for your branding.

It’s also worth checking how detailed your logo is and how big you want it to be printed on your polos. This can impact whether you’ll need to choose printed or embroidered polo shirts. Either way, you can rest assured you will receive striking polo shirts great for gaining more publicity and visibility food for a positive brand image. With the possibility of choosing polos in multiple vibrant colours and short and long sleeve options, there is definitely a polo style that’s worth investing in to boost your marketing expertise.