Jumper Printing

Jumper Printing

Be stylish with your own personalised jumpers! With different types, there is something for everyone.

Looking for something a little different?

Looking for something a little different?

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Printed Sweatshirts: Are you missing out on a cheap way to spread your brand?

Printed sweaters are more dynamic than just casual clothes, hoodies, or sportswear that athletes wear. In fact, branded sweatshirts are often the comfortable clothing that we long for in the evening after a long day at work. Thanks to the variety styles for men and women, you can find different classic looks with the neck and design of the sleeves as well colours that can matched. The various materials they can be constructed from like knitted wool, fleece, yarn, and cotton allows jumpers to be used in all kinds of weather, be it in cold months like winter to be a warm and stylish garment. This means that many can be easily personalised and worn with a range of fashion from almost anyone’s wardrobe. Think about it, a sweater can be combined with your favourite footwear, shirts, t-shirts, hats, skirts, coats or even dresses and accessories. You could match a sweater to professional suit trousers and a pair of smart shoes to create a distinctive outfit. Better yet, they can be easily thrown into the washing machine along with tops, socks, or plain clothes you might own too and re-used in an instant.

It’s clear that branded sweatshirts are useful, but how can they work for your business? Thanks to sweatshirt printing and online printers offering bespoke options, the web has become a place to find simple software to expand your marketing options. This is a creative way to suit your needs and catch the eye of your target customers; largely because with sweatshirts you can choose between printing on one or both sides, in sizes that range from 10 to 35cm. You could also tailor the type of printed sweatshirts to customers themselves; corporate professionals may appreciate a cotton sweater they can match to a polo shirt, whilst graphic designers may prefer a hoodie they can work comfortably in. By doing this, you can merge your company’s identity with colourful artwork, humorous copy, or images that will help your brand’s image become more recognised; attracting the attention you want for your services.

Using Sweatshirt Printing to promote your company!

If there is one word that summarises printed sweatshirts, it’s versatile. That’s because they’re a marketing tool that can be incorporated into unique strategies to be seen by new audiences. When people wear your logo or designs, this is a form of communication; a personal endorsement which is far more engaging and compelling. When successful, your custom sweaters will easily create some buzz and will even make their way into people's social media network circles to reach a larger crowd. This is because whether you work in design, wedding catering, a technical field or consultancy team, your operation headquarters are unlikely to be completely isolated from others.

A good place to start are local sports teams; personalised sweaters can be used to combine the team’s name with your company’s logo. This will be worn during training or games and can generate publicity through the players wearing them. If teams have away games, that means your brand will be travelling with them and will be looked at by those that come to show support. Families and fans also want ways to show their pride, which means there are more opportunities to encourage people to want to wear clothing that shows off your brand’s logo, details or something related.

Can Printed Sweaters encourage someone to wear your brand?

Whether you go for screen printing or digital printing, it is important that the personalised sweatshirts will stay on the minds of people that see them. Here, the main thing is will someone want to wear this? There isn’t a specific approach to accomplish this, but you can brainstorm different strategies to ensure the sweater designs include both your logo or website link (or email, social media handle, etc.) and importantly, a photo, icon, or funny catchphrase that is likely to visually connect with passerbys.

Here, a humorous picture is a good suggestion because it’s quickly processed by the brain and can be a conversation starter; something entertaining people with shared interests can relate to. For instance, if the personalised sweatshirts are meant to promote a club event or festival, those that recognise it on others have an opportunity to begin a conversation, just as others may become curious and wish to find out more. With this, your business is creating a sense of community amongst people that can share what the sweaters share, especially if it’s something special you won’t be able to find in any retail shop. It really boils down to providing a range of business stationery that customers will feel attached to and then help build customer loyalty for your services.