Basic Jute Bags

Do you want to provide your customers with a quality and sustainable jute bag? Perfect for shopping or to use as a beautiful giftbag! These jute bags are durable and easy to carry. They also give your brand a premium aspect and are sustainale! Act for the environement and your customers at the same time by ordering these Jute bags

  • Size: 43 x 34 x 20 cm
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Sturdy handles

Submitting your artwork is easy, simply follow these instructions when you design & upload the artwork for your Jute bags. Click on an instruction for more information.

  1. Submit your file in Vector.
  2. For preparing your file we recommend to use our template.
  3. Convert fonts to outlines or embed all the fonts.
  4. Check your artwork on overprint.
  5. Bleed margin is not needed
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In order to design the perfect artwork, we have created some easy templates. You will find the most popular artwork templates below. Click on the link at the bottom to see all templates.

43 x 34 x 20cm jute bags pdf Adobe indesign
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Below you're able to find the technical product specifications

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