Always the best price guaranteed!

At HelloprintConnect you always pay the lowest price guaranteed. That is the promise we make to European graphic professionals who are looking for the best products at the best price, the fastest and the best service. So from now on you only have to have 1 screen open for ordering all your print products!

How experience makes the difference

We may only be eight years old, but our experience in printing, print and print management goes back years further. We were the first to bring print to the internet at the turn of the century, and over the next 20 years we learned how to combine artisan craftsmanship with technology.

The team behind Helloprint Connect has decades of experience in many disciplines within the graphics profession and no assignment is too crazy for us. That makes us different from traditional online providers. Do you have something different? Our Print Management team is ready for you. Do you prefer the personal relationship instead of ordering online? Then we are there for you. Helloprint Connect is also that.

Technology and network: A very strong combination

Our print products come from the most modern production facilities in Europe. Our network consists of no fewer than 300 specialized producers, each in their own discipline. By means of smart technology they ensure perfectly manufactured products against the highest quality, the fastest delivery time and the lowest price. It is no coincidence that many large multinationals place their printing in our trusted hands.

Always the best price: How it works

Our smart technology scans the European printing landscape every day, looking for the lowest prices. If we find it, we will adjust our price immediately. As a partner, you are always assured that you have the lowest price and you never have to look further. A few small rules to keep it fun:

  • Prices must be publicly available or can be checked via a quotation
  • Products must be completely comparable in terms of specifications
  • Delivery times and conditions must be completely the same
  • Lowest price guarantee does not apply to promotional products with a recruitment character

Cheaper somewhere else? Report and take advantage!

We do our best to keep our prices up to date at all times. You found cheaper prices for the same product somewhere else? Then report this to our team at the very bottom of the product order page. Click on "Cheaper somewhere else" and fill in the form. We will then contact you within 30 minutes during office hours with a better offer!

So you still benefit from our lowest price guarantee!